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Commercial Water Damage From Burst Pipes in Your Phoenix Restaurant

1/9/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage From Burst Pipes in Your Phoenix Restaurant Customers love eating at your restaurant. Don't force them to find a new favorite by not calling SERVPRO water damage restoration professionals.

Our Technicians' Top Priority is to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Business

A broken pipe and the water damage that follows can be a nightmare for any business owner in Phoenix. Even a broken sink pipe with a small amount of water can cause significant damage in a small amount of time. Your restaurant is too valuable for you to have your doors closed for long, let alone even one day. Broken pipes must be fixed right away so that you do not incur additional damage and so your restaurant can operate regularly and safely.
Commercial water damage in your Phoenix business is a serious issue that needs attention right away. SERVPRO is always standing by to help you clean up any water damage emergency. We have the training and the tools that are needed to clean up the mess quickly and make any repairs that are necessary.
It is essential once water damage occurs to do proper water removal and cleanup. Water extraction is first; then we dry the affected area back out. We then thoroughly inspect the area to ensure no moisture remains inside the walls or ductwork. Omitting this step could mean the growth of mildew and mold in your building.
At SERVPRO, stopping the water flow is our priority. We then begin the process of extraction. We remove any standing water from your property using our high-tech extraction equipment and skilled training. Some of the water is unseen, so we use special infrared cameras to find water hiding in crawl spaces or walls. We use dehumidifiers as well to get rid of any moisture from the air and to lower the humidity. By doing this, we eliminate the risk of mold growth.
We begin the drying process once the water is extracted. It is critical that everything is dry after burst pipes in your building. Our crew uses industrial fans and air movers to speed up the drying process, and we make sure all the moisture is gone.
Lastly, we ensure that we decontaminate and sanitize everything for the health and safety of you, your employees, and your customers.
SERVPRO of Litchfield/West Phoenix are trained professionals who can clean and repair your business in West End, Tolleson, or Homestead Terrace after water damage. Just call us right away at (623) 594-6033 when there is an issue.

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Mold Damage Can Happen in Phoenix

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Can Happen in Phoenix Mold Spore Remediation Improves Indoor Air Quality -IAQ-Call SERVPRO to Help Protect Your Phoenix Home

Call SERVPRO to Your Phoenix Property for Mold Remediation

In the right mix of conditions, mold can become a threat in every Phoenix household. Since mold does not attract attention like a fire or flood, it is often overlooked and untreated until a colony of spores has grown throughout a room or even an entire home. If not dealt with quickly, mold can cause as much damage and cost as much in repair and replacement as any other disaster.
Phoenix mold damage only begins when the spores are in the right temperature range of 68 to 86 degrees, have enough water to expand from their inert state, and have a source of food. The most straightforward method SERVPRO uses to stop mold growth is to eliminate the source of water. Without it, the mold colony quickly goes dormant again which makes it easier to clean and remove.
We are more than just another area contractor. Our personnel has specialized training and tools designed to find and isolate a mold infestation, disinfect the surface mold, and clean the air. Then, we eliminate the water source, clean the mold off surfaces and property, and dispose of all affected property that we cannot clean or it is not cost effective to do so.
Even with everything that SERVPRO can do to remove mold, the best method to deal with it is to prevent it. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) published suggestions to prevent mold growth, and we have adopted several of them for our technicians and customers to identify and follow.
Never install carpets laundry rooms and bathrooms. The humidity is higher than anywhere else in the house, and the chance for leaks is higher than in other rooms which encourages mold. If you must have carpets, use smaller rugs that you can remove, wash, and dry on a regular schedule.
Clean your bathroom with an anti-fungal agent every time. Bleach is one of the strongest anti-fungal chemicals available and should be the primary one in any cleaner you purchase.
There are household paints available that contain mold-inhibitors. They do not stop mold spores completely, but the chemicals prevent them from using the painted materials as a food source. They are especially useful in bathrooms.
Finally, make sure your ventilation is adequate. Bathroom ceiling exhaust fans are useful to eliminate excess humidity as well as odors.
Stopping mold is important, but preventing it from starting can save you hundreds or even thousands in restoration costs. If you need our help to clean out a mold colony or want more information on how to keep one from forming in your home, call SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix at (623) 594-6033 today.

Information on the Phoenix and Litchfield Park Areas by clicking here.

Commercial Preventative Maintenance Raffle

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Preventative Maintenance Raffle Submit Your Name into the Raffle by emailing us at Office@SERVPROwestphoenix.com

We are going to kick off the new year on a exciting note. We are now offering a Preventative Maintenance package to all of our customers. Each package will be different to fit your personal needs. But this month in particular we are raffling a year off at no cost to ONE (1) Commercial business. 

What this one will include is:

  • 2 Areas of Carpet Cleaning per Quarter
    • Up to 500 SQ FT
  • 2 Spot treatment Visits
  • 250$ Worth of Equipment usage on a need be basis. 
    • For Example, If you have an odor in one of your restrooms that you just cant get out we will come set a machine and get that odor removed for you. 
  • Updated ERP for you and your staff to be aware of all of the Shut off Valves and such in case of an emergency. 
  • Discounted Monthly Cleaning Rates

Bronx borough of New York, Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial  Bronx borough of New York, Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018 The Fire quickly spread through the four-story building in the Bronx Tuesday morning. At least 12 people were injured. (FDNY)

New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro (NY'-groh) says all of the seven adults and nine children hurt in a Bronx fire are expected to be OK.

Investigators believe the fire started in a first-floor furniture store around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Residents from the apartments above fled, including a man who ran outside with no shirt and no shoes. Nearby, icicles hung from power lines.

Resident Erica Ortiz told WCBS that a window guard blocked a fire escape. She says she tried to kick it open, to no avail.

Over 200 firefighters battled the blaze.

The blaze comes only days after the deadliest residential fire to hit New York City in at least a quarter century swept through a Bronx apartment building, killing 12 people.

"I woke up my husband, my kids and said listen there's a fire in the building," a woman who lived at the address told ABC7NY. "By the time we opened the door in the hallway, there was black smoke."

Preparing for the Possibility of Flood Damages in Phoenix

12/31/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preparing for the Possibility of Flood Damages in Phoenix Storms can happen quickly. Preparation is key to minimizing damage. Contact SERVPRO for remediation or preparation assistance.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Damage and Offer Expert Preventative Tips

While Phoenix on average gets significantly less water throughout the year than other parts of the country, this does not in any way imply that the capital city does not have the appropriate weather conditions to allow for flash flooding. In fact, over the course of the last several years, there have been numerous instances of this type of disaster happening to areas all across the city, but lower lying plains were hit the worst.
The problem with flash flood damage to your Phoenix home is that there is a very little warning to prepare for the incident adequately. In many cases, this has caused residents to do more to prevent this kind of home-life crisis by improving water diversion implements that exist all around the exterior of the house. When Hurricanes Irma and Harvey were sweeping across the southern part of the country, many in the city feared that whatever lingering torrential rains still due to head their way could cause these dire conditions for them or their neighbors.
Truthfully, preparing for such a disaster is often easier said than done. Our SERVPRO professionals can help you to inspect the areas of your house that are more prone to experiencing water damage and help you to determine what might need to be repaired or replaced for the water to stay outside of your home (even in the event of forceful flash flooding).
Many people did not even realize that our SERVPRO team is available for smaller tasks like this, offering up our advice and expertise to keep your entire home safe and avert a potential crisis. Much like our emergency response team (that can be called at any hour of the day or night to help you in your most urgent times of need), you can also call us 24/7. We can have a professional on-site to begin assessing where the primary problem areas are and which components to thwart water penetration are not up to snuff.
Whether you would like your home checked for potential threats or you are currently dealing with flood damage already, you can always give SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix a call. We are available anytime at (623) 594-6033.

For more information regarding Phoenix, click here.

Fire in Phoenix Condo

12/28/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire in Phoenix Condo Condo in Flames as FF try to calm it down


Initial reports were that the fire was in a clubhouse on the north side of the pool. Firefighters were able to quickly locate and extinguish that fire. While controlling that fire they noticed smoke coming from the clubhouse on the south side as well. 

The fire on the south side did a 'flash-over'. This means that everything on the inside of the structure reached a high temperature at the same time, creating a flare up. 

Subervi said a flash-over is one of the most dangerous conditions of a fire, but that crews were not inside the structure as there were no residents inside. 

"It is a clubhouse, so the life safety profile was very low. Crews still did a quick search and they're putting water on the fire at this time," Subervi said.

The fire has now been contained and is under investigation. 


Valley has been Dry for some time...

12/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Valley has been Dry for some time... Photo in Yuma AZ to see the pollution

If you are form the valley and you know what Monsoon is you know that this monsoon season was a huge let down. Not just in regards to our line of work but the air and the pollution have been absolutely horrible. 

You can see directly in front of you but if you look off to a distance you can see the yuck that we are all breathing in. 

High pressure off the coast of Southern California will slowly move eastward and be centered directly over Arizona Saturday through the New Year. This will mean continued light winds across the Valley through the forecast period with high temperatures in the mid-70's. The only noticeable change in the weather will be a few high clouds moving over the region on New Year's Day. This weather pattern does not bring good news when it comes to air quality across Phoenix. PM-10 and PM-2.5 will both remain elevated with air quality only getting worse heading into the New Year. For New Year's weekend, 

Facts about storms

12/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Facts about storms Batteries & Flashlights are a MUST

Facts about storms


About 3,000 hailstorms occur annually in the United States, and hail that develops during severe storms can reach softball size. An average of 1,000 tornadoes a year causes $1.1 billion in property damage, 1,500 injuries and 80 deaths. Tornadoes are nature's most violent storms, and while the vast majority of them are weak and short in duration, they can cause significant damage. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), about 2 percent of tornadoes fall under the most violent classification, meaning they can reach wind speeds of 205 miles per hour or more.

Please make sure to always have plenty of water and some extra flashlights and batteries laying around in case of a rare event like a blackout in the Valley.

Call SERVPRO of Litchfield/West Phoenix, in the event that you do not know what to do. One of our Technicians can guide you through it. 


12/28/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation REALITY OF "TREATING MOLD YOURSELF" Buckeye Home highly affected by Black Mold

These are the five basic principles of all successful mold removal and mold remediation projects:

    1. Safety – Protect all workers and occupants.
    2. Assessment – Make a preliminary assessment, an assessment during mold remediation and an assessment after mold remediation.
    3. Contamination Control – Prevent cross-contamination and the spread of mold from contaminated areas to areas absent of or with less contamination.
    4. Source Removal – Physically remove the mold at its source.
    5. Moisture Removal – Eliminate the moisture problem that caused the mold outbreak.
    When we hear people say they want to just take care of it, things to think about are not just money costing items that are avoidable, they are dangerous. If proper containment is not set , it can spread.
    Mold clearance test should be performed at the end of the Remediation as well.
    Treating mold with bleach will not kill it like you want it too for it to be safe and not grow back. 

The Responsibility of a Homeowner in a Water Loss.

12/8/2017 (Permalink)

It seems obvious, but the absolute first thing you do when encountering a pipe burst and water pouring through your home is turn off the water. You need to have at your disposal a water meter wrench(you can get this for less then $20.00 at your local hardware store). Some houses and most commercial properties have a main water shut off valve inside the house, but most do not, and its important to train everyone from teenagers to seniors how to use the wrench to cut off your water meter. The difference between a  500 gallon water loss and a 50,000 gallon water loss can be enormous. Next call us, SERVPRO of Litchfield/West Phoenix at 623-594-6033 and your insurance agent. We can refer a competent plumbing company  to repair any damage to water pipes. If you call a plumber first, please beware of those who offer to have "someone they trust" come to remove the water and dry out the house. In Arizona it is not unusual for an independent water restoration company to pay referral fees up to $1,000 to the plumber who gets them the job. This fee is added to the cost of the job, which will ultimately drive up insurance rates. Our goal is to return your house to pre-Loss conditions as affordably as possible. Just remember this: We are...faster to any disaster.

"Water, Water Everywhere/ Nor any Drop to Drink"

12/8/2017 (Permalink)

These famous lines from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Poem, "The rhyme of ancient mariner" are spoken by a sailor on a becalmed ship in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by salt water and speak to the desperation one feels when events are out of control. We at SERVPRO of Litchfield/West Phoenix are familiar with helping property owners that feel that way and can help them get back in control with our experienced technicians and our state of the art drying equipment. We practice the science of drying...and we specialize in restoring your property. We are a"One Stop Shop"-A company that can dry your property, take care of your contents, and rebuild if necessary. Call us at 623-594-6033 and we will be there 24//7, 365.

Water Damage in Avondale AZ

12/8/2017 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix  is the leading provider for Water damage claims in the Phoenix area. We have completed Large Commercial fire/smoke damage jobs and We have completed small Residential fire/smoke damage jobs. No job is too big or too small for SERVPRO of Litchfield / West/ Phoenix Locally owned and operated right here West Phoenix Area, we are there when you need us. We have 24 hour on call service to assist you with your fire/smoke claim day or night. We also specialize in the cleaning/deodorizing/storing of your contents when the structure is a total loss. Please call us today at 623-594-6033 to learn more about this service.

What does it matter if I dry a water loss or not?

12/8/2017 (Permalink)

In the 90's Mold became the Cause Celeb, especially that strain of "Black" Mold, Stachybotrys, that struck fear in the hearts of thousands of Americans.  Even though that hysteria has passed, it is no joking matter to have mold growing in your home.  It is true that mold spores are everywhere, but for mold to grow you have to have two things: 1)food; and 2) water.  There is very little you can do to remove all "food" sources in a house, but you can eliminate the water factor.  When you have a water loss, it is incredibly important to completely dry the area affected so mold will not grow.  If you call SERVPRO of Litchfield/West Phoenix at 623-594-6033, we will make sure your house is dry and if you have mold, we can remove it.

Arizona firefighters ordered to California to assist with Fire

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Arizona firefighters ordered to California to assist with Fire Ventura County Fire Department

It took less than 48 hours for California to call upon fire crews from Arizona to help with a fast-moving wildfire raging across Ventura County and assist on other fires burning in the state. Today, the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management received orders to send 25 engines and five task force leaders, for a total of 125 firefighters, to California. The firefighters will preposition once they arrive in California and then will be assigned to wherever they are most needed. All the Arizona crews will be used as strike teams. Strike teams are in high demand now, since most wildland firefighters are seasonal and likely have already been laid off for the winter. Strike teams can assist in multiple ways, by working the front lines of the fire, by acting as relief to firefighters that have been on the fire since day one, and as structure protection. There are multiple fires burning in Southern California. The Thomas Fire, the biggest of all the fires, started Monday evening and has quickly grown to more than 50,000 acres fanned by flames and very dry conditions. 

Tips for Commercial Water Damage

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Tips for Commercial Water Damage Warehouse shipping and Receiving Water loss

If you find yourself in a commercial disaster he first thing you should do is call SERVPRO we can dispatch right away and we will make sure you get some help.

Tips until SERVPRO arrives:

  • Shut off the water source if identified.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood block under furniture legs.
  • DO NOT use regular vacuum to remove water

When we arrive we will do a very thorough dry out and complete in a timely manner. We practice the science of drying...and we specialize in restoring your property. We are a"One Stop Shop"-A company that can dry your property, take care of your contents, and rebuild if necessary. Call us at 623-594-6033 and we will be there 24//7, 365.

Assistance with Hurricane Harvey

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Assistance with Hurricane Harvey One of our Crews headed out to Texas

Our Franchise recently assisted in Sugar Land TX for Hurricane Harvey. We traveled for a day and a haf with 250 pieces of equipment and got there just in time. Most of our customers had not yet gained access to their homes when we arrived so we were able to properly prepare for the rush once their neighborhood had opened up. We serviced as many people as we could and we even needed to rent more equipment while we were there. The Residents of Sugar Land, TX were so upbeat and positive although they just experienced tragedy. 

We practice the science of drying...and we specialize in restoring your property. We are a"One Stop Shop"-A company that can dry your property, take care of your contents, and rebuild if necessary.

Stay alert for Mold damage

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Stay alert for Mold damage Mold behind Kitchen Cabinets from prior water damage un treated

Black mold - the words alone are enough to make you cringe. It's the last thing you need in your home. Any mold can cause problems for people who are allergic, of course, but those molds referred to as "black" or "toxic" are particularly dangerous. Chances are, if the conditions inside your home are hospitable to mold, you're going to have it. If you suspect the mold is "black" or toxic, however, consider hiring a professional to remove it for you.

Call SERVPRO today for a Free Evaluation

We practice the science of Drying and restoration needs...and we specialize in restoring your property. We are a"One Stop Shop"-A company that can dry your property, remove the mold, take care of your contents, and rebuild if necessary.

Cleaning Fire and Smoke Damage in Goodyear

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning Fire and Smoke Damage in Goodyear Residents Rely on SERVPRO During a Bad Year for Fires in Goodyear

How, When, and What to Use for Restoration After a Fire? SERVPRO Has the Answers

Like other cities, Goodyear is vulnerable to many types of disasters. One of the most common is fire. The smoke and soot that cover the surfaces of a home and its property, contaminating both, are difficult to clean and require a professional company to accomplish the task with minimal loss.

Remediating Goodyear fire damage is difficult, but the alternative is to replace everything that the fire, smoke, and soot have touched. SERVPRO has years of experience in Maricopa County and knows what skills, tools, and methods are needed to preserve not just property, but memories and links to the past possessed by every homeowner.
Dry wiping and cleaning is our first course of action for most surfaces. Technicians use feather dusters and cloths where the contamination is a non-greasy residue and light-to-medium in amount. For thicker layers, they use dry sponges or specialized vacuums to clean surfaces.
Wet wiping and cleaning is our next step when dry cleaning does not remove everything. SERVPRO technicians use damp sponges and cleaning fabrics to clean off moderate-to-heavy residues with water or a mild detergent if needed.
Spray and Wipe is our preferred method when we need to prevent color bleeding or to fade in items like drapes and curtains. Restoration crews use spray bottles for better control of the amount of cleaning agent used on them.
Foam cleaning uses an agitated cleaner to apply the chemical agent with less water. Technicians force air into the cleaner which then exits the spray bottle as a foam similar to what you see in a car wash. We use this method on upholstery fabric which shrinks and pulls away from its frame if it becomes too wet.
Abrasive cleaning is the technique we use on rough surfaces like marble and rock. Since the surface is not affected by liquid, we use a cleaner along with a brush (plastic or wire bristles) to remove every trace of heavy smoke and soot residues. If the surface is metal, like some kitchen countertops, technicians may use a steel wool pad rather than a brush.
Immersion cleaning is our final method. We can only use this on items that are not affected by moisture and have a very heavy residue. Technicians fill a tank with a cleaning agent and then immerse the item in the tank. They then use sound waves to generate bubbles and force them across or through the surface of the item. This method is effective, but if it does not work, we discard the item. This is ultrasonic cleaning.
Restoring your home and property to a preloss condition is not simple, but hiring the right service can make the process much easier for you. SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix has decades of training and experience to do just that for you. Call us today at (623) 594-6033 to get started.

More about this city here, meet the fire chief.

Trusted Water Damage Restoration Services in Phoenix

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Trusted Water Damage Restoration Services in Phoenix SERVPRO Dries Water Wet Homes in Phoenix, We Don't Do Dogs

SERVPRO Expedites the Drying Process to Reduce Damage by Water and Moisture

Your property is likely to deteriorate and after a damaging water incident and therefore it is advisable to seek restoration services as a resident of Phoenix. Trained technicians work towards mitigating any further damage that your water-damaged property and structures are likely to suffer. Below we are bringing to your attention some of the duties that the trained crews perform during the restoration process.
Water damage restoration technicians in Phoenix understand the drying theory, and that is why certified companies like SERVPRO succeed in their work. The time that a structure takes to dry is affected by four key factors, namely: temperature, air movement, humidity and the amount of water that should evaporate. The drying process seeks to seek an equilibrium, and that is why moisture migrates from wet to dry surfaces. We dry to hasten that process.
Heat must be available to increase the rate of drying since the heated air holds much moisture. Whenever the desired temperature is not present, SERVPRO technicians heat the air with the use of portable heaters. As evaporation takes place, moisture fills the surrounding and dehumidification follows. Our technicians from SERVPRO adopt a Balanced Drying System - that comprises of a closed system and an open system - to balance the two processes.
Under the open system, the moisture within the structure is allowed to mix with dry air - which is usually outside the structure. For that to occur, restorers ventilate the area by using air movers or fans, and opening windows is also an option. For the method to work, the inside air should have more moisture than what the outside air has.
When using the closed system, closing off the affected area from the outside air is necessary. Then specialized equipment is used to do dehumidification of the air within the structure. By using air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and air movers, the process is made possible, and it is easy to conduct thorough drying after that.
SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix readily offers assistance to all mold, fire, water, and storm damage disasters with the urgency they deserve. Call us at (623) 594-6033 to be served by a trusted industry leader.

The big city in the desert, click here.

Using Extractors For Commercial Water Removal in Phoenix

11/11/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Using Extractors For Commercial Water Removal in Phoenix SERVPRO technicians extract water from the top and from underneath water damaged carpets. Water extractors aid in achieving the goal of drying.

Our Technicians Arrive With Tools to Handle BOTH Large and Small Scale Water Damage Events

Besides boosting productivity, extractors are becoming increasingly popular in commercial water removal in Phoenix due to operator safety. These equipment are used in cleaning carpets and upholstery, as well as removing water from floors. They are usually made up of three main components -- vacuum system, pump, and heater -- all of which come into play when cleaning carpets and upholstery.
The task of commercial water removal in any Phoenix business requires professional services for maximum efficiency. At SERVPRO, we have a team of highly trained, IICRC-certified technicians who can relieve you of that stress. Our services are available 24/7, every day of the year, so you can reach us anytime.
There are many benefits of using an industrial grade extractor for commercial water removal, but the most important one is its deep cleaning capability. Our machines are effective with both high and low pile carpet, removing as much dirt and residue as possible.
Additionally, using carpet extractors allows SERVPRO professionals to deep clean specific areas of the water-damaged carpet. The massive water tank that comes with most models enables us to apply a cleaning solution to the fabric, ensuring that the carpet is thoroughly clean instead of just getting the dirt up. Heating technology helps to loosen dirt and grime from individual carpet strands. With the water drying within a couple of hours, this makes it a very practical water removal process.
Furthermore, the presence of a long wand ensures a great all-round cleanup process and reduces the need to relocate the extractor. As such, SERVPRO water damage technicians can remove excess water from a material by merely moving with the wand. Carpet extractors typically have a wide-mouthed wand that makes it easier to get closer to the base of the carpet as best as possible, regardless of the length of the pile.
Water extractors can be portable or truck-mounted. The former can be taken into the building and allows access to hard-to-reach areas, but the latter is more powerful and has its own power sources. Truck-mounted extractors are designed for both restorative cleaning and water removal in a water damage scenario.
Flooding can occur anytime and cause immense water damage. When it happens, SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix is just a short distance away and can respond quickly with commercial water removal equipment like the extractor. Call us today at (623) 594-6033.

For more information about the City of Phoenix, Arizona visit:  https://www.phoenix.gov/visitors

Getting Rid Of Flood Damage In Phoenix

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Getting Rid Of Flood Damage In Phoenix Phoenix homes with flood damage can harbor a mixture of pathogens and chemical combinations that can cause illnesses.

Getting Rid Of Flood Damage

Residences in Phoenix that lie in lower areas can suffer flooding even when rainfall is slight. While flooding might not become extreme, the potential for chemical and biological contamination still exists. If this happens, you need to eliminate the risks to your family quickly.

Phoenix homes with flood damage can harbor a mixture of pathogens and chemical combinations that can cause illnesses. Removing these contaminants through cleaning and removal of dirty water is possible but doing so requires specialized detection instruments and removal tools. SERVPRO technicians carry both and come prepared to every job site to start the processes involved in recovering from flooding.

Your home's saturation level at the time of our arrival helps determine what equipment we use to remove the floodwater still present. Elimination of the bilk of the water must take place first. Once reasonably dry, we can begin working completing the drying process. We need to eliminate as much moisture as possible before it can evaporate and travel to other locations in your home, such as second story areas and attic spaces.

Mold and mildew proliferate after a flood, showing how high the new microbe population might be that the floodwaters carried. Keeping things dry helps prevent the spread of these pathogens. We use a combination of air blowers and heaters to increase controlled evaporation, and eliminate moisture with the use of dehumidifiers and desiccant machines. Air scrubbers pull airborne microbes out of the air, keeping them from traveling to other areas inside your home.

Even though the air is scrubbed clean, carpets and lower sections of walls remain a different scenario. These require removal whenever damaged by contaminated water. We must remove carpeting and padding so flooring underneath can receive the treatments needed to restore them to dryness. Walls are cut and removed approximately six inches above the water line, and then restored. Painting the entire wall afterward restores the walls completely.

SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix helps families recover from flood damage and many other disasters that affect their homes. Contact us at our local number, (623) 594-6033, anytime, to start our 24-hour services.

If you are interested in learning more about the great city of Phoenix click here.

Removing Phoenix Mold Damage

10/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing Phoenix Mold Damage If you spot or smell mold, it has already grown significantly and you should contact SERVPRO to professionally and thoroughly remediate the damage.

Inspection and Remediation of Mold Damage in Your Home

With our year-round high temperatures, many homeowners and residents believe mold is not a problem in Phoenix. The reality is that mold can survive and grow at higher temperatures as long as it has a source of moisture and food.

Since altering the temperature is a difficult process, stopping mold damage in a Phoenix home requires removal of either the moisture or food sources. By the time we are called in, residents have either seen mold behind a washing machine or under a sink. In some cases, they smell that telltale musty odor only mold produces. In both cases, that means the mold has already grown significantly. SERVPRO response teams use a combination of visual inspections, the latest technology and years of experience in demolition and restoration to return a home to its pre-infestation condition.

First, we have to determine just how far the mold has grown. Technicians use an air content meter to find the highest concentration of mold in an infested room and then follow it to the source. We visually confirm the origin point, sometimes needing to go behind a wall or into an attic to find the source of moisture that allowed the first spores to expand and grow.

We remove the moisture source to stop further growth. In our typically dry area, the source is usually a pipe or connection that has come loose or rusted out if the plumbing is older and not a pool of rainwater. SERVPRO technicians are licensed and perform most of the same tasks as a plumbing service without the need to call in a second agency. After we stopped the water, we spray the affected area with an anti-fungal agent to kill any active spores that have not returned to an inert state from a lack of moisture.

Now for the food source. Drywall and other building material is a particular favorite of mold. If the growth is light, we spray an anti-fungal and then wipe off the mold spores. If the mold has grown into the material, we remove and replace it. Cutting into drywall is difficult, and the increased labor usually costs more than just buying and installing new panels.

If you can see any signs of mold, or if you can detect that signature, musty odor, contact SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix today at (623) 594-6033. From an initial inspection to a final walk-through, we are here to help you return your home to its original, clean state.

Visit https://www.phoenix.gov/ for more information about Phoenix, Arizona.

Finding Water Damage In Your Phoenix Home Just Before Winter

10/12/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Finding Water Damage In Your Phoenix Home Just Before Winter Secondary water damage, such as mold and mildew, can also create problems for homeowners.

Finding Water Damage

With the colder months looming in front of us, preparing our homes and ourselves can engage using many different activities in our Phoenix homes. Locating decorations and seasonal clothing can take us to places in our homes that we rarely occupy.

Phoenix residents who find signs of water damage during these transitional times should regard them as having at least two primary warning signs. Firstly, a water source that should not exist is present in your home, and secondly, other damage most likely exists but remains hidden from your view. Our courteous and highly trained staff assists many homeowners with similar situations, mitigating the current damage and preventing future problems.

Secondary water damage, such as mold and mildew, can also create problems for homeowners. Having these two varieties of microorganism in your home and growing out of control can cause both adverse health effects and structural damage. Other types of water damage include the ongoing deterioration of drywall, ceilings, carpeting, and the development of musty smells. The dust can increase ina home with water damage because of the disintegration actively happening. As fibers in furniture break down, fragments of the cloth become airborne and settle everywhere.

Highly trained and experienced, SERVPRO technicians are dedicated individuals who enjoy working with homeowners to protect their homes and belongings equally. Knowing how each material in a home can suffer when exposed to water helps make our job possible, and with excellent results overall.

Seeing paint that seems to have started peeling recently, or stains on walls, can pinpoint where the accumulation of moisture exists, but finding the source of that water can provide us with the means to protect your home from future, ongoing problems. We use moisture-sensitive detection units to locate the places where water, even in tiny amounts, comes from inside your residence. Many times, the locations discovered are minor problems with simple fixes.

SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix and their employees want to help you protect your home from any harmful event, including water damage. Whenever you find a situation in your home that needs professional attention, contact us at (623) 594-6033 for our 24-hour services.

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Handling Fire Damage Odors in Phoenix

10/6/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Handling Fire Damage Odors in Phoenix Some FIre & Smoke Related Smells in Phoenix Are Not Pleasant

Smells from Fires and SERVPRO Remediation

If you are dealing with the after-effects of a fire in your home, one of the biggest frustrations is the smell. It can foul the air for days, weeks and even months. People never get used to a bad smell. It can make your home unlivable. The technicians here at SERVPRO know how to deodorize thoroughly, making a home smell “Like it never even happened.”

Removing the source of fire damage odors in Phoenix is the first step. Our team never tries to cover up the smell. We know we need to eliminate the cause of the smell. Without doing that, efforts to deodorize don’t stand a chance. For example, charred materials left in place continue to give off an offensive smoky scent for months. That is why our experts remove building material and debris tainted with smoke residue before starting the process of deodorization.

Once our experts take away the cause of the smell, we turn our attention to deodorization. We clean all surfaces that have residue because even tiny particles can keep giving off the stench of smoke. Did you have a kitchen fire? Then your stove, counters, vent hood and cabinets likely need a thorough scouring, using advanced cleaning agents.

After cleaning, we ventilate the area to find out if odors linger. At SERVPRO, we use state-of-the-art tools and cleansers to remove smells from your home. We tailor the method to the cause of the problem. The rule of thumb is that “like works on like” in most cases. Special fog products often work on smells caused by smoke. It follows the original path of the smoke, deodorizing as it travels through your home.

Our team not only has access to industrial strength products and the latest tools. We also have the training to use them correctly. Each technician meets the standards of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

For help with odors and other fire damage restoration, call in the experts at SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix. Available 24/7, we are strategically located to serve Phoenix, Avondale, and Tolleson.

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Preventing Mold Damage After a Flood in Phoenix

9/30/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Preventing Mold Damage After a Flood in Phoenix Mold infestations spread quickly throughout your home. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO for remediation services right away after damage.

SERVPRO Starts the Mold Remediation Process by Determining the Source of Mold and Drying Out Your Property

Whether your home flooded from a storm, water line break, or anything else, getting things dry should be near the top of your list of priorities. Otherwise, your home may begin to develop mold growth. Mold can make a bad situation worse, covering surfaces in hazardous and unsightly patches and colonies. Worse, Phoenix mold damage is virtually impossible to remove without professional tools and training, leading to greater costs for you in the restoration process. Here are a few quick tips to slow the spread of mold in the aftermath of a flood.
Dry Everything Quickly
The most important catalyst for mold damage in Phoenix is water. Excess water is what allows mold to grow, especially in the dry atmosphere and climate of the Sonoran Desert. In the aftermath of a flood, your home is probably soaked, giving mold spores all the water they need to grow and spread around the home. Take initial steps toward dryness as soon as possible, and be sure to contact a professional mitigation service like SERVPRO to implement a thorough drying procedure as quickly as possible.
Stop Your HVAC System
If you find mold in your home, stopping your HVAC system may help to prevent it from spreading to other rooms. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems circulate air and mold spores alike throughout your home, quickly propagating a mature mold colony. Do note, however, that this may be inadvisable in the summer months when turning off the air conditioning could cause your home to overheat.
Call a Professional
Even if any visible water evaporates quickly, there may still be hidden patches of moisture soaked into materials or hidden behind objects around your home. SERVPRO technicians use thermal imaging technology to determine if your home is truly dry or not and to find any potential centers of mold growth. Without a thorough search, your home could be developing a mold colony that remains hidden behind a wall until it is too late.
SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix has years of experience dealing with mold damage and knows the best steps in both preventing and treating mold in the home. If you find mold in your home, call us right away at (623) 594-6033.

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Water Damage in Your Phoenix Residence Comes from Leaks and Drips

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage in Your Phoenix Residence Comes from Leaks and Drips Small leaks can lead to severe water damage in your home, call SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO has the equipment to detect hidden water damage

Water gun battles between kids is a great way to beat the summer heat in Phoenix, but children and teens sometimes forget to dump out the water in their toys before bringing them inside. These can leak, just like pipes and the underside of drains, forming puddles that then begin to harm your home.

Although the water from a few squirt guns may seem minute and of little importance, Phoenix homeowners need to know that water damage happens wherever water penetrates porous materials within a home. Water from leaks in pipes is a bigger problem because they continually have pressure behind them, forcing more water out than what a toy holds. Washing dishes in the kitchen or hands in the bathroom rarely creates any problems, but when the drain pipe comes loose from either sink's drain hole, water can drip into the cabinet.

Throughout your home, you have appliances that use water in one way or another – either to provide cold water and ice, to wash dishes or laundry, or to heat water for washing and bathing. Each of these has its own feed line and drain system. These hoses, tubes, and pipes can form leaks, weaknesses at joints and connections, or simply break, in ways very similar to the plumbing in your home.

Checking these water lines is crucial if homeowners wish to prevent water damage from happening around these appliances. The interior of appliances can also malfunction and create problems with water, so paying attention to the floor around each appliance is worthwhile. Puddles or slight dampness can indicate internal problems warranting repairs. After repairing, the appliance should be working correctly, but the water lost into your floor or carpet remains inside your home's living space.

SERVPRO is always available to assist homeowners in restoring their homes after water damage occurs. Any event that seems cleaned up and taken care of can still cause problems. This is the reason why inspecting and assessing occurs before the beginning of any work. Hidden water from a leak can continue to create problems. Using our water detection equipment takes a very short time and can provide lots of information for the homeowner and us.

The technicians at SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix hold certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD), ensuring that your home is fully restored and protected against future incidents. Contacting us at our local number, (623) 594-6033, can put a stop to water problems that harm your home.

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Sprinkler Water Damage Restoration Services in Pheonix Stores

9/3/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Sprinkler Water Damage Restoration Services in Pheonix Stores SERVPRO's Water Restoration Services Keep Phoenix Stores and Businesses Open

SERVPRO Is the Answer to Mitigating Commercial Water Damage in Your Business

Sprinkler systems are vital in Phoenix commercial properties, for fire protection. They save millions of dollars in insurance savings, code & ordinance compliance, and business continuity. However, as useful as they can be in minimizing fire damage, the wet mess they leave behind is like trading one disaster for another. The excess water can penetrate the walls, carpets, and various surfaces, leading to moisture damage, mold issues, and ultimately, bad odors.
The first step to safeguard your property is hiring a commercial water damage restoration company in Phoenix such as SERVPRO. As an IICRC approved franchise, we have the tools and means to address all water damage and eliminate future incidents. Our technicians are adequately equipped to assess the existing property damage and formulate a strategy to return your items to preloss conditions, "Like it never even happened."
Water damage from sprinkler systems can include standing water, mold & mildew growth, wet office materials such as upholstery and carpeting, and moisture damage on building materials such as drywall. To prevent further damage to possessions made from porous surfaces such as wood and clothing, our specialists assemble and clear these items out of the building as a pack-out if no dry staging areas are available.
We may have to replace some of the items, depending on the level of water damage and their ability to be salvaged. After securing the property, SERVPRO technicians commence the water removal process. This part involves using various water extraction equipment such as air movers, dehumidifiers, and water pumps. Fans and dehumidifiers are remarkably effective at drying the area to prevent mold and mildew development.
If part of the structure, such as drywall, sustained water damage, our professionals use different techniques to restore the area. In some cases, this may require additional cleaning services or construction. Indeed, drying multiple layers of drywall takes a few days. During this time, we use a moisture tester to monitor the drying process. If some of the ceiling tiles sustained water damage, we replace them most of the time. Excess water on tiles tends to leave stains and ultimately causes them to bow.
Water damage from a sprinkler system can have an adverse impact on your business. If it happens, you can rely on SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix for 24/7 commercial water damage restoration services. As part of your Litchfield and West Phoenix community, we can arrive promptly to salvage your property. Call us anytime at (623) 594-6033.

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SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration in Phoenix

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Fire Damage SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration in Phoenix SERVPRO can restore your property by using six different cleaning methods specific to the surfaces of your damaged items.

Six methods for fire damage restoration

No two fires are alike; each one causes different damage based on what burned, how much oxygen was present and how hot everything burned. Even within a single fire, many various types of smoke and residue damages require multiple cleaning methods.

Restoring property in Phoenix homes after fire damage is not a quick task. SERVPRO has decades of experience in dealing with returning homeowners to their residences as safely and rapidly as possible. We use six methods developed over those years and are backed by a nationwide support network.

Dry Cleaning is the first method we use. Much of the residue damage after a Phoenix home fire is light-to-medium, and our technicians can usually clean the residue off surfaces using dusting cloths and feather dusters. If there are particulates (pieces larger than dust), they use dry sponges or commercial vacuum cleaners.

Wet Cleaning is for medium-to-heavy residues. Our technicians use water, for the most part, to clean with cloths and sponges. If this proves insufficient, they repeat with a mild chemical cleaner.

Spray and Wipe is a method we use on materials that can be damaged by saturation with water or cleaners. Our certified technicians dampen the surface using a spray bottle and wipe it down with a white cloth. This method gives our work crews better control applying the product on upholstery and wood surfaces.

Foam Cleaning is used on fabrics to prevent shrinking and fading colors. Technicians stir up a chemical foam in a bucket and then apply it with an upholstery brush, agitating the residue on the surface. If we need to force more air into the foam, technicians use a pump-up sprayer to reduce the chance of damage. 

Abrasive Cleaning uses chemical cleaners on heavy residues with rough surfaces like stone or brick that are not easily damaged. If there are deep cuts or grooves on the surface, technicians may use scrubbing pads or even steel wool.

Immersion Cleaning is exactly that. For an item that is already saturated and has heavy residues over most of its surface, we place it in an ultrasonic tank of chemical cleaner. We then use sound waves to force bubbles of the cleaner through and across the surfaces. Depending on the item and the thickness of the residue; immersion can take from one to several hours.

Restoring property can be a lengthy process, but it is more often cheaper than replacing fire damaged items. SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix understands that there is also the sentimental factor to consider with inherited items. If you need our help in Avondale, Phoenix, and Tolleson, call us today at (623) 594-6033

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Tips For Surviving Flash Flood Damage In The Phoenix Area

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Storm Damage Tips For Surviving Flash Flood Damage In The Phoenix Area Storms and Flash Flooding Present Dangers to Persons and Property. Call SERVPRO for Restoration and Cleanup

Rely on SERVPRO for Flood Damage Cleanup

All of the danger surrounding flash floods can be scary. Winds can exceed 70mph forcing large amounts of rain to enter your neighborhood like a stampeding herd of wild buffalo. You may have little to no warning before freeways and highways close, trapping you in a swift-moving current of water that cares very little about your safety.

Obviously, it is important to recognize the problem, remaining informed about flood warnings throughout the Phoenix area. Flood Damage can happen fast and escape from a flash flood area can be rough. However, if you have a plan, avoid walking through moving water, or driving through flooded areas, you can safely evacuate without much of a problem.

It is possible to become trapped, unable to leave the confines of your home, making it necessary to store some supplies. Local drinking water can become contaminated by oil, gas, and sewage. Having water, food, clothing, and first aid available for each member of your family to survive for at least a week is best.

While you already understand not to drive through flooded roadways or bridges, it may not always be possible to stay on high ground. If your vehicle gets stuck, or it becomes submerged in water, remain calm, wait for your vehicle to fill with water. It can be scary, but if you wait until the vehicle is full of water, the doors open easier. You can then hold your breath, open the door, and swim to the surface. Flash flooding, without warning, can become lethal.

You are likely to be told by local authorities that it is safe to return to your home at some point. However, returning without the right support can produce drastic results. You benefit more from contacting a company like SERVPRO to provide you with flood damage restoration services. We can be the first to enter your home and assess your situation correctly.

SERVPRO has access to vast resources, equipment, and years of experience handling unfortunate situations just like these. Keep your family safe and sound, leave the recovery to those trained, never take unnecessary risks.  

Contact SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix in preparation for flash flooding in your area, we can help you prepare to survive. (623) 594-6033

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No Reason to Live with Mold Damage in Your Phoenix Home

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Mold Remediation No Reason to Live with Mold Damage in Your Phoenix Home Mold Spores Can Develop into Colonies Requiring Remediation to Your Phoenix Area Home

Professional Mold Remediation is the Solution to Infestations

Battling with mold growth on your own can make many to feel like it is a losing battle. Using bleach to clean mold away from surfaces, a method claimed by many people to work well is counter-productive and can be part of the reason that mold returns to the same location repeatedly.
The climate in Phoenix can be dry at times, but mold damage can still happen to your home's interior. The tiniest drip from a water line can provide enough moisture for fungal infestations to prosper in hidden areas of your home. This shows how vital a nutrient water is for the spores.
Remove water from the interior environment of your home, and unwanted mold colonies find it nearly impossible to return after they have been cleaned away. Removing mold with the use of bleach fails to work as claimed because of bleach's high concentration of water and the physics involving permeability of a common material used in homes – sheets of drywall.
Moisture can penetrate into the drywall, while bleach molecules are too large to do the same. While water remains inside the porous drywall, and available to mold's hyphae, all of the bleach remains on the surface, only discoloring this tough, durable, but tiny microbe, creating the illusion that the mold has been killed and removed.
To remove unwanted mold and prevent damage, remediation is required. During this process, any materials affected by mold damage are removed and repaired, so the area involved is completely restored, “Like it never even happened.” Hard surfaced materials such as cast iron, glass, and ceramic tiles can be cleaned and treated. These materials cannot be penetrated by fungi as it grows, but any dust or other minute debris can provide the basic surface changes to allow this to happen.
When an area has re-attained a normal microbe level again, treating the previously affected areas with microbe-inhibitors can prevent recurrences. This can include a special liquid that is applied like paint or simply sprayed on directly. After it has dried, it is both long-lasting, but also safe around children and pets.
There is no reason to continue your solo-battle against mold damage in your home. SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix is only a phone call away. We are ready to help you with the devastation that microbial infestations can cause, so call us, 24/7, at (623) 594-6033. Our IICRC trained technicians can win your battle and let you relax.

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Why A Drying Goal Matters After Water Damage To Your Phoenix Coffee Shop

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Why A Drying Goal Matters After Water Damage To Your Phoenix Coffee Shop A Phoenix Coffee Shop Gets Help from SERVPRO

Water and Moisture Removal Get Your Business Doors Re-Opened

Water damage is something no business owner wants. Unfortunately, it only takes one broken pipe or faulty appliance to cause significant damage to your coffee shop. You may be left reeling and wondering how you are going to get your premises dry and ready to start serving customers again. After all, a closed business is a business which is not turning a profit, and that is not helpful for your ledger.

Water damage to your Phoenix coffee shop means it is time to put in a call to SERVPRO – We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We train our technicians in line with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards so you can rest assured they are up to date on all the most efficient water damage remediation techniques.
An important part of remediating water damage to your business is to set a drying goal. A drying goal establishes the condition your premises should be in by the time our team has finished working on it. Our aim is always to restore your coffee shop to the status it was in before the water damage took place.
A drying goal ensures that we know what our aim is and can carefully monitor the process. If for any reason we are not on track to reach our goal we can adjust our process accordingly.
Setting a specific goal gives you the reassurance of knowing that our technicians are committed to restoring your shop.
A drying goal includes establishing moisture readings for affected parts of the structure of your shop, including the floor and the walls. Our team also sets out the ideal humidity that we want to reach. Moisture content and humidity readings, when taken together, give a complete picture. We use a moisture meter to measure and track moisture content, and a thermo-hygrometer to tell us the humidity of the air.
Our professionals use a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your coffee shop, including the floors, walls, carpet, and furniture. We monitor progress as we go and do not stop until we reach our drying goal.
For help with drying your shop, call SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix at (623) 594-6033 today.

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Flood Damage Restoration in Phoenix

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Restoration in Phoenix Recover from storm or flood damage with a quick call to SERVPRO. Call today so that we can come out and assess your property and the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Race to Dry Out Your Property After the Initial Call

When it comes to small amounts of flooding, much of the damage is not to the home itself, but rather to the contents inside. An overflowing kitchen sink or a cracked pipe in the laundry room does not usually result in structural problems, but it can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair and replacement of furniture throughout the house.

SERVPRO has decades of experience in restoring and repairing furniture in Phoenix after it suffers flood damage. We understand the effects of flooding and how to deal with all but the worst of them.

Wood or a wood composite (i.e. particleboard) makes up most furniture. Each type of material has its uses, but each one also has drawbacks when it comes to being affected by flooding.
Wood develops two problems after exposure to floodwater. There is swelling and cracking, as well as a weakening of the joints. The other problem is spotting, which damages the finish. Our technicians can remove most water spots with one of the wood care products in our chemical inventory. For great spotting, we may have to recommend a professional refinisher to repair the damage.

The best way to deal with swelling, cracking, and joint weakness is to remove the excess moisture carefully. Too fast or too slow can cause permanent damage. Our technicians use dehumidifiers to draw out moisture and, if needed, use air movers to force warm, dry air across the surface and underneath an item to speed up the process.

Particleboard does not survive exposure to water very well. Since it makes up pieces like kitchen and bathroom cabinets and other cheaply made and replaceable items, only one side is laminated or otherwise treated to repel moisture. Since the opposite side is exposed, the treated side acts as a vapor barrier, which does not allow moisture to pass through the board, trapping the water and eventually warping the cabinets.

If there is no visible warping, our technicians may be able to lower the moisture content and restore an item made from particleboard. Since the pieces are relatively cheap, we recommend replacing them rather than investing the time and effort to keep them.

Returning your home to its pre-flooded condition requires a company with the experience and training to complete the process as quickly as possible. SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix is here to support our neighbors in putting their home back together; however, we can help. Call today at (623) 394-6033 to get started with an inspection and an estimate.

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Getting Quality Solutions To Fire Damage In Your Phoenix Area Home

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Getting Quality Solutions To Fire Damage In Your Phoenix Area Home Phoenix Properties Rely on SERVPRO for Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Secure and Safe Steps for Restoration of Fire Damaged Properties and Possessions

It can be difficult to deal with fire and some of the devastating damages it can leave behind. Without professional assistance your losses can double or triple, leaving you with a massive problem that you simply cannot afford to get into on your own.
When facing fire damage to your Phoenix area home, time plays a significant role. Even though local authorities deem your property safe to enter, you should avoid making contact, allowing traffic in and out, or access to anyone that does not understand how to treat fire-damaged materials.
Making the wrong choices after a fire occurs on your property can lead to unsalvageable contents, additional damage to surfaces, and reduce the chances you have of reclaiming your property successfully. Always call SERVPRO for help before allowing anyone else enter your home, we can help you avoid hazards that may exist and prevent others from further damaging your property.
SERVPRO IICRC industry certified technicians pay specific attention to every belonging, surface, or content found in your home. We deliver quality solutions to heat, water, smoke, soot, and ash damage produced throughout the length of a fire, taking pride in restoring many items that other companies consider a loss before even attempting restoration.
Your contract with SERVPRO begins the moment you make contact. Our staff gathers information during your initial call to help our technicians arrive ready to address your concerns. We provide you with quality full-service solutions to every aspect of your home’s restoration, including any repairs necessary to finish the job completely.  
We have a variety of cleaning and sanitization methods available that make restoring furniture, fabrics, and other household items a snap. Our technicians enjoy providing you with quality services that help you reclaim your home and attempt to make your restoration as stress-free as possible. We also offer a Pack-Out service for cleaning belongings and storing any household goods during the on-going fire damage restoration process.
Call SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix to gain access to professional fire damage restoration services, provided by experienced technicians that offer peace of mind during an emergency. We are ready to assist you at a moments notice, call today. (623) 594-6033 

Fire prevention tips from the city.

Severe Phoenix Water Damage Get Help

6/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Severe Phoenix Water Damage Get Help Rely on SERVPRO for Water Extraction and Clean Up in Your Phoenix Property

SERVPRO Can Extract Water Swiftly and Mitigate Damage to Phoenix Properties

When flooding happens, regardless of the source, you need a professional service with years of experience and training to return your home to normal. A quick response means less property damage and lowers replacement costs.

Significant water damage in a Phoenix home is not something many people even consider possible. We are well known for our heat and the desert (and the Suns of course) but not for rain or cresting creeks and rivers. Most damage to a home is not from those sources, however. Broken plumbing such as a leaking faucet can cause thousands of dollars in damage before the homeowner is even aware of it. Fortunately, SERVPRO has the skills and equipment to take care of it.

First, we inspect and secure your home. Technicians check for weakened sub-floors, crumbling drywall and electrical hazards. With the inspection complete, we board up the doors, windows, and other entrances to prevent loss from the elements, theft, and vandalism.

Now, we remove any standing water. If it is two inches or higher, our team deploys a set of sump pumps to get the job done. For amounts lower than two inches across the home, we use smaller water extractors. If the power is out, we also use one of the generators we maintain in our equipment inventory to ensure continuous electrical support.

Our next step is to examine the property no longer under water. There is always some water trapped in carpets and wood floors, so our SERVPRO IICRC industry certified technicians

use special vacuums designed to remove water without damaging the nape of the carpet or surface of the wood. If the standing water was high enough, there might be some amount behind the walls as well. If we find excess water, we use extraction wands to draw it out. In almost every case of standing water, we recommend removing and replacing any carpet pads. It is rarely ever cost-effective to attempt to dry them.

Next, comes examination and repair of the carpets. We look for thinning lamination and damaged seams. Since the lamination is what holds the fibers together, too much loss means that the fibers detach when vacuumed and the carpet must be replaced soon. We can repair damage seams quickly and cheaply, but if too many fibers near the seam have begun to detach, it is not cost-effective.

As we complete repairs, other technicians check the inside humidity and the moisture levels of the surrounding structural property. For high concentrations in both, we deploy commercial dehumidifiers to assist and quicken the natural drying process. Depending on the size, these machines can draw over 25 gallons of water from the air each day. We also use air movers to force airflow over surfaces to dry them and push the damp, inside air out of your home. The air movers are particularly useful with wet drywall that has not yet begun to crumble and structural property (kitchen cabinets for example) that was not under water. If we do not lower the moisture levels, physical damage continues to your home, and the threat of a mold infestation begins as well. Our goal is to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

Our last step is to perform a final inspection with you to show what we accomplished and make certain you are satisfied with our work. At SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix, this is not just a job. Every client is also one of our neighbors. Call us today at (623) 594-6033

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