Recent Before & After Photos

Mold remediation in Buckeye, AZ

This home in Buckeye, AZ was covered with mold. Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multi cellular filaments called hyphae. Exposure to damp and moldy en... READ MORE

Water heater damage in Avondale, AZ

This flooded garage in Avondale, AZ was the result of hot water heater. It flooded garage, hallway, family room, closet and bathroom. Our custoemr was expecting... READ MORE

Flooded garage and bedroom in Goodyear, AZ

This flooded garage in Goodyear, AZ was the result of water softener, that flooded entire garage throughout and bedroom. Our professional technicians brought th... READ MORE

Flooded living room in Avondale, AZ

This flooded living room in Avondale, AZ was the result of broken fish tank. Water covered entire living room through family room. The after picture was taken o... READ MORE

Phoenix Building Suffers Water Damage Again

The standing water in the service corridor of this high-rise building in Phoenix was the result of another broken water line. The visible patchwork on the wall ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning Job

This business had a change in ownership and the new owners did not like how the previous owners kept up the office. They asked us to come in and clean and organ... READ MORE

Mold unseen in bathroom

Ms. Goodroad had a issues with mold that she was not aware of. She went under her bathroom sink to find something and found growth and a collapsing cabinet bott... READ MORE

Heavy Valley Storm

A heavy storm we had in Phoenix during the summer took a toll on this valley home. We received a call for a board up and typically board ups are for break ins o... READ MORE

Goodyear Home Flooded

This Flooded Home in Goodyear, AZ was the result of a broken pipe. If you look closely you can see the damages from the parts falling apart and it all falling o... READ MORE

Water Loss 2 days before christmas

This water loss was due to a pipe that burst under the bathroom sink and wasn't noticed until the family woke up the next day. We arrived to soaked carpet, base... READ MORE